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APPS is divided into the following regions; Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, New Zealand North Island, New Zealand South Island and each State and Territory within Australia.  Each region is administered by a regional councillor.


Region Coordinator: Sue Pederick

ACT Region >>>
Regional Councillor:   Dr Jordan Bailey


New South Wales Region >>>
Regional Councillor:   Dr Jordan Bailey


New Zealand North Island Region >>>
Regional Councillor:  
Dr Joel Vanneste


New Zealand South Island Region >>>
Regional Councillor:  Dr Virginia Marroni  


Northern Territory Region >>>
Regional Councillor:  Dr. Shreya Patel


PNG and Pacific >>>  Currently vacant.


Queensland Region >>>
Regional Councillor:   Dr Fiona Filardo


South Australian Region >>>
Regional Councillor:  Ms Sue Pederick


Tasmanian Region >>>
Regional Councillor:    Dr Kara Barry   


Victorian Region >>>
Regional Councillor:  Dr. David Lovelock


Western Australian Region >>>
Regional Councillor: Ms Kylie Chambers 



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